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Logistic warehouses in Italy and in Europe

Ges.Tra. cooperates with a series of logistic warehouses, obviously equipped with refrigerators, strategically located throughout the Italian and European territory (particularly in Germany) it is therefore able to handle the cold chain during all stages of the distribution process and reach all areas of Italy and Europe.

All vehicles are equipped with an advanced on-board instrumentation able to guarantee:
the vehicle geographical location in real-time; tracking of continuous location intervals every 5 minutes; recording the route; driving times and mileage.

The main destinations are Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Spain, Turkey, Marocco, Senegal, Russia e Serbia.


A specialised and qualified company:

Ges.Tra. s.r.l. is a young business with a good knowledge in the area and its operators, that's why it is able to give a global offer in the field of transport, national and international logistics at a controlled temperature and at room temperature offering innovative services with the highest quality.


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Our partners:

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