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About us

Brokerage and transportation management business

Ges.Tra s.r.l. is located in Russi (Ra), it offers its services of transportation, brokerage and planning, including the related side services to transport itself.
Operating since 2009, it has a decade of experience in the transport sector and in logistics thanks to its founders' experience. Ges.Tra s.r.l is a young business with a good knowledge in the area and its operators, that's why it is able to give a global offer in the field of transport, national and international logistics at a controlled temperature and at room temperature offering innovative services with the highest quality.



Specialized and qualified

The presence of highly qualified staff, agreements with reliable partners and the ongoing search for excellent partners, allow our company to satisfy all customer needs and compete in a changing world.
Its owners acquired know-how in years of working experience in Europe and in Italy allows us to meet each customer's request with great flexibility, innovation and competitiveness.
In fact, thanks to the collaboration with various logistics and national and international transport companies, we are able to ensure a fast, safe and high quality service, managing to hold all the costs.


Food transport:

Ges.Tra. specializes in the transport of controlled- temperature food goods both for full loads and for groupage, it has selected refrigerated vehicles specifically for perishable products »


Destination and Tracking:

Ges.Tra. cooperates with a network of logistic warehouses, equipped for cold storage, strategically located throughout the national and European territory, it is therefore able to reach all parts of Italy and Europe »


Quality and certifications:

To guarantee the quality of our service our company is certified ISO 9001