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Advertising on our trailers


Your advertising travels with us!

The main features of advertising on trailers, instead of other forms, are the following:
• arises in an exclusive setting;
• it is difficult to ignore it (it's not possible to change tv channel or radio station)
• has a high visual impact;
• is aimed at an heterogeneous target ( depending on the selected areas of the advertising campaign)


Advertising on the move:

e sell advertising space on our 13 meters long refrigerated trailers.
Advertising is possible on both sides of the trailer.
he vehicle will travel 24\7 between the areas of North Italy-Austria-Germany


Advertising on our trailers is a form of dynamic advertising that uses vehicles as media.

This type of advertising does not include the vehicles to be dedicated exclusively to adverting communications. They are dedicated primarily to transport of fresh and dried goods: their primary function is distribution. Secondly, the trucks become advertising vehicles able to fulfill the communicative function.

Highway is the best context for trailer advertising, as there are few other advertising and the target is composed of drivers presumably active.

The calculation of the costs depend on the duration of the campaign (minimal duration is 1 year), on the type of mounting (whole or in part), on decoration system (adhesive film or frame system), on the level of service (photoshoot, data reporting)


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Destination and Tracking:

Ges.Tra. cooperates with a network of logistic warehouses, equipped for cold storage, strategically located throughout the national and European territory, it is therefore able to reach all parts of Italy and Europe »


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